Needintech not only provide Job Placement Support and Interview Preparation but aslo provides 100% Job Assurance

Some of Courses with Job Assurance

Data Science
Node JS
Artificial Intelligence
Digital Marketing

Needintech Internship Program(NIP)

All college-bound students in Chennai can participate in free internship program provided by Needintech. Additionally, this programme is open to all IT and non-IT professionals. Our programme provides both hands-on training and real-world experiences. Needintech Internship Programme (NIP) has the unique feature of not only providing you with an intern position with the company but also paying you for it.

1. Join our enrollment programme.

2. Upon course completion, based on your performance, be chosen for a 3 month free internship with one of our placement partners (We will pay you stipend during your internships).

3. You will be given a job in the same company based on your evaluations and performance.

Through the Needintech Internship Programme (NIP), we have altered people’s perceptions of what an internship could be.

Our Placement Partners

  Needintech Provides 100% Job Assurance Followed by internships with our Partnered Companies Below
Thapovan Info Systems
One_Hub (1)
OneHub Digital Marketing and IT Services