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ASP.NET is your framework of choice if you want to create web applications quickly, securely, and sustainably. Developed by Microsoft using the C# programming language, ASP.NET is the preferred web framework used by numerous businesses, such as Walmart and Stack Overflow.

ASP.NET Course Description

A server-side tool for creating dynamic webpages and web apps is called ASP.NET. ASP.NET helps programmers create web apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The most recent iteration of Microsoft's Active Server Pages, ASP.NET, is used to create websites.

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Course Objetives

If you want to pursue a career as a developer in 2023, the ASP.NET programming language is a wise choice. These are some of the causes. ASP.Net Core is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS among other operating systems. Your programme can be deployed on any operating system more easily as a result.

Microsoft created and marketed ASP Net, a web application framework that lets programmers create dynamic web pages. It enables you to create web applications quickly and simply using a feature-rich programming language like C# or VB.NET.

Choosing ASP.NET for a NeedIn Tech training course can be a smart choice depending on a number of variables. The following justifies the possibility that ASP.NET would be a good option:

  • Industry Relevance: The industry uses the ASP.NET framework extensively, especially in businesses and enterprises. Providing ASP.NET instruction to students can equip them with marketable skills.
  • Versatility: C#, F#, and Visual Basic are just a few of the programming languages that ASP.NET supports. This enables students to work within the ASP.NET framework and study a language that suits their tastes.
  • Interaction with Microsoft Technologies: Microsoft developed ASP.NET, and it works in unison with other Microsoft technologies including SQL Server, Azure, and Visual Studio. This could be advantageous for projects using these technologies.

Both large tech businesses and startups have a significant demand for C# and.NET developers. Since.NET and C# are now widely used in enterprise-level applications, employers are continuously looking for developers with these skills.

Moreover, the.NET 6.0 LTS release, which will only receive support for three years, is something to look forward to. Nevertheless, Microsoft doesn’t let its users suffer: NET 8.0 is planned for release in 2023, while the company’s new 7.0 version is scheduled for release in November 2022.

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ASP.NET Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction

The introduction of web technologies, web form architecture, application types,.Net overview, ASP.Net fundamentals, Active Server, Webforms development, Ajax implementations, database services, ADO.Net, error handling, user controls, cache services, and security deployment are just a few of the major concepts covered in our curriculum for ASP.Net courses. Learn how to create a variety of applications efficiently using Softlogic Systems’ industry-standard ASP.Net Course Syllabus.


Module 2:

Web Programming Introduction

  • Understanding role of Web Server and Web
  • Brief about HTTP Protocol.
  • HTTP Request
  • Form Tag and comparison between Get and Post
  • HTTP Response Structure

Module 3:

HTML and JavaScript

  • Understanding HTML Form Tag and elements within
  • Javascript using Sample

Module 4:

Traditional ASP Basics

  • Introduction to
  • How ASP
  • ASP Objects.
  • Installing IIs on Windows 7 & Windows
  • Sample
  • Importance’s of Form tag and how it

Module 5: ASP.NET Introduction & Controls

  • NET Introduction
  • First ASP.NET
  • Auto Postback
  • Event Handler
  • Dynamically intializing Controls
  • IsPostBack property of Page class
  • ListControls
  • Comparison between HtmlControls and WebControls
  • Control Properties and Methods
  • FileUpload Control

Module 6:

ASP.NET Architecture

  • What is AppDomain?
  • Life Cycle of ASP.NET Page
  • How Control Manages its State
  • What is EnableViewState
  • How Control raises events
  • Event handling in Web Forms
  • Writing Custom Classes in WebApplication

Module 7:

CSS & Themes

  • Work with CSS
  • Use Themes to Customize a Site
  • Name Skins within a Theme
  • Do server-side Styles using Themes
  • Add contents of a Theme and Skin
  • Apply themes and Profiles .

Module 8:

Redirecting User to Another Page

  • Redirecting Options
  • Redirect
  • Transfer
  • Cross Page Postback
  • Determine how the pages was invoked
  • Passing values between pages

Module 9:

Master Pages

  • Introduction to MasterPage
  • ContentPlaceHolder and Content tags
  • Accessing controls of MasterPage in ContentPage
  • URL’s in MasterPages
  • UniqueID and ClientID

Module 10:

Working with User Control

  • Overview of User Controls
  • Creating a User Control
  • Adding Properties to User Control
  • Adding Events to User Control
  • Using User Control in Web Form
  • Rendering Clients Scripts Using Page.ClientScript methods

Module 11:

Validation Controls

  • Base Validator
  • Required Field Validator
  • Compare Validator
  • Range Validator
  • Regular Expression Validator
  • Custom Validator
  • Causes Validation Property
  • Grouping – Validation Group Property
  • Validators and Page.IsValid

Module 12:

ASP.NET State Management

  • Static Members
  • View State
  • Hidden Field in Form
  • Query String
  • HttpContext
  • Cookies-HttpCookie
  • Sessions-HttpSessionState
  • Application-HttpApplicationState
  • Summary of All Features

Module 13:

WebConfiguration File and Global.asax

  • Introduction to Configuration files
  • Page setting in config
  • Custom Errors
  • URL Re-Writing
  • Tracing
  • Using ConfigSource Attribute
  • Using Location Section
  • HttpApplication class-Global.asax

Module 14:

Authentication & Authorization

  • What is Authentication and Authorization
  • Types of Authentication
  • Forms Authentication
  • Role based Authentication
  • Windows and Basic Authentication
  • What is ASP.NET Impersonation
  • Using location section in config

Module 15:

Application Service Providers

  • NET Providers Introduction
  • Membership Providers
  • Role Providers
  • Writing Custom Providers
  • Profile Providers
  • Web Parts Personalization Providers

Module 16:

Data Bound Controls

  • Databinding traditional way
  • SqlDataSource
  • GridView
  • DetailsView
  • FormView
  • DataList
  • Repeater
  • ListView
  • DataPager

Module 17:

Web Caching

  • Why Caching
  • Types of Caching
  • i.Output Caching ii.Fragment Caching iii.Substitution Caching iv.Data Caching

    • SQL Cache Invalidation

Module 18:

Globalization and Localization

  • Definitions
  • Creating Resource files for different cultures
  • Designing the WebForm & linking controls to keys in Resource files

Module 19:


  • What is AJAX
  • What is NET
  • Script Manager
  • Update Panel
  • Update Progress
  • Timer
  • AJAX Control Toolkit

Module 20:


  • What is Routing?
  • Mapping Route to Phyiscal file
  • Reading Route Parameters
  • Route Expression
  • Generate URL using Markup

Module 21:

Understanding & Publishing Web Application

  • Introduction to ASP.NET Web Application
  • Advantages of IIS Applications
  • Creating web application in IIS
  • Converting File System application to IIS Application
  • Using Virtual Directory
  • Publishing ASP.NET Website
  • Culture specific formatting


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