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Our Microsoft Office Course was designed primarily to automate manual office work through the use of a collection of purpose-built applications. Anyone who wants to improve their skills and master Microsoft Office should attend Microsoft Office training.

Microsoft Office Course Description

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular software products in business today, and MS Office skills are in high demand in almost any office setting. Take Microsoft Office training from Needintech and discover how this exceptional suite of tools improves organisation, efficiency, and productivity at home and at work.

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Course Objetives
  • Microsoft Office is a well-known suite of office productivity software that is well-known for simplifying daily office tasks. Because it includes a wide range of programmes, including the word processor Microsoft Word, spreadsheet editor Microsoft Excel, and presentation programme Microsoft PowerPoint, you’re likely to find it installed on computers in any given company, school, organisation, or private home.
  • Microsoft Office skills are useful in any job that requires data entry, document creation, or presentation delivery. Companies that use alternative programmes benefit from these skills as well, because the tools used in all of the different brands of software bundles are very similar.
  • Some jobs require extensive use of the Microsoft Office suite. Other roles rely heavily on a single app for the majority of their work. PowerPoint is used by managers, advertisers, and educators to create slideshows that visually explain concepts to their audiences.
  • Publisher is designed for desktop publishers, whereas Excel is designed to assist auditors, analysts, accountants, and researchers in managing all of their organization’s data.
  • The primary distinction between Microsoft Office and Office 365 is that Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription to all of the Office suite of programmes, whereas Microsoft Office is installed on your personal computer.
  • As a result, you must be connected to the internet in order to use Office 365, which allows you to access your work from a variety of devices, including your phone, tablet, or laptop, as long as you have an internet connection.
  • With Office 365, you also have access to more apps, such as Skype. You can only have one installation of Microsoft Office, but an internet connection is not required, so you can use it.

Yes, the Office Suite includes products that are specifically focused on communicating your ideas effectively and powerfully. Team members’ expertise may differ, but Microsoft Office allows them to collaborate using the same applications.

  • Do you use Excel to automate tasks? Or are you utilising Outlook to its full potential in order to send emails more effectively? When used correctly, Microsoft Office can increase your productivity.
  • MS Office is so simple to use that even beginners will have no trouble learning it. For those willing to dig deeper, learning more advanced skills to take your workflow to the next level can be a quick process.
  • Our course is designed to provide students with hands-on experience with Microsoft Office. The course consists of theoretical classes that teach the fundamentals of each module, followed by high-intensity practical sessions that reflect the industry’s current challenges and needs, which will require the student’s time and commitment.
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Syllabus of Microsoft Office Online Course

Module 1: Ms.word

  • Creating, editing, saving and printing text documents
  • Font and paragraph formatting
  • Simple character formatting
  • Inserting tables, smart art, page breaks
  • Using lists and styles
  • Working with images
  • Using Spelling and Grammar check
  • Understanding document properties
  • Mail Merge


Module 2: Ms.Excel
  • Spreadsheet basics
  • Creating, editing, saving and printing spreadsheets
  • Working with functions & formulas
  • Modifying worksheets with color & autoformats
  • Graphically representing data : Charts & Graphs
  • Speeding data entry : Using Data Forms
  • Analyzing data : Data Menu, Subtotal, Filtering Data
  • Formatting worksheets
  • Securing & Protecting spreadsheets
Module 3: Ms.Power Point
  • Opening, viewing, creating, and printing slides
  • Applying auto layouts
  • Adding custom animation
  • Using slide transitions
  • Graphically representing data : Charts & Graphs
  • Creating Professional Slide for Presentation.
Module 4: Internet
  • Understanding how to search/Google
  • bookmarking and Going to a specific website
  • Copy and paste Internet content into your word file and emails
  • Understanding social media platforms such as Facebook & Many more
  • learn with best practices

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